Who are we?

Founded in 1999 and based in Amsterdam:

iFlavours creates and maintains several internet based services that rely on consumer data. Some of our labels are EuroClix and PanelClix.

Since a few years we have our own inhouse development team, which uses primarily JAVA. We also use loads of other tools and languages; check out our Technology stack.
You might wonder why we we are looking for ambitious JAVA developers, but use a PHP site to find them... that's because our team is busy building a kick ass new product! Think you can help us out?


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Why should you join us?

'Yes, tell me why'

The people working at iFlavours are passionate about what they do and they do it well. We try to create tangible services that our customers like and love. That is what drives us and keeps the team together. Next to that, iFlavours tries to take care of her employees in the same way we care for our customers; as best as we can. Some of the perks:

  • Great team of people from all over the world, who share knowledge and expertise

  • Personalized training budgets

  • Freedom in using different tooling

  • Secondary benefits like daily lunch, flexible hours and fully paid travel expenses

  • Free parking space at the office

  • Office games like Foosball, table tennis or playing pool

  • In house bar (yes, you read correctly)

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Our technology stack

The toys we play around with

Our Amazing Team

Meet some of your future colleagues

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Vincent Plas

Senior Developer

"A wonderful productive day, I was able to throw away 1362 lines of code." ~ K. Thompson
Never would I have guessed that I would add the tittle of fussball master to my resumé.

Feature Image 3

Lea Rosalia

Developer & Release manager

There’s no time to stop for gas, we’re already late. ~ K. Donker
But I do have time to serve coffee for my colleagues and me.

Feature Image 3

Frank Oosterhoff

Front end Developer

'If you’re not the hero of your own novel, then what kind of novel is it? You need to do some heavy editing.' ~ T. Mckenna
When alone you’ll go faster, together you’ll get further.

Feature Image 3

Twan Braas

Front end Developer & Designer

'First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.'
~ J. Johnson

Quoting is highly overrated.

Feature Image 3

Joel Pinto Mata

Senior Developer

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For questions or applications please send us an email (vacature@iflavours.nl), drop us a message below or give us a call at +31 (0) 20 40 898 40.

Contact us or send an application